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The Event 

On Tuesday March 10 DatacenterWorks and CloudWorks organise a special event on open source hardware and the opportunities it offers to you as an IT manager, floor manager or datacenter manager. Location: datacenter of maincubes at Schiphol-Rijk. To serve and welcome an international audience the event will be held in English.


The Market

After Open Source first managed to conquer the software market (such as Linux, OpenStack, etc.), we now see something similar happening in the hardware market. Until recently, datacenters were dependent on hardware products that are entirely based on the principle of vendor lock-in. Under the influence of the hyperscalers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.) we now see a reverse situation: the datacenter determines which hardware products he wants and asks the industry to build them for him.


Who does what?

More and more manufacturers are entering this new market. But who does exactly what? Are we only talking about the Open Compute Project (OCP) or about more open source projects? During this event you will get more information from speakers, network with attendants, and also receive answers to your questions.


OCP Experience Tour

During lunch time there is an opportunity to get an OCP Experience Center tour.



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